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December 17, 2011


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  • Listening to: Kagerou Day by Hatsune Miku
Sorry for a poorly written theory. I'm just putting stuff that pops in my head.
Even though there's many PV's of this song, the latest one is closest to the original. By that I meant by art style wise. While they all have the same color scheme (Black, White, Red, and Blue) and the same stuff happening, this one seems the official PV.…
I cried on this one. Yes the song is sad and the lyrics are twisted with a graphic PV.

Summary: Read the lyrics it tells the whole thing.
Things I notice: The truck that killed the girl (Eventually the guy) had the word JIN on the front bumper. Jin is the composer of the song so he's the one who accidentally killed the girl. In real world wise he purposely kills her off to make the plot.
-When the pole fell on the girl, you see Miku and Kaito screaming what they just saw.
-The black hair boy, who possibly caused all of this shenanigan, cried when the boy kills himself. Why didn't that black haired boy cried when he was constantly torturing the boy by making his friend die constantly?
-The girl who dies constantly had her own invert version of her, with bluish tint. Something the boy didn't not see.

-The pictures that are blink you miss it.
0:21- The boy's wallpaper has splattered blue paint.
    (If you invert the color it becomes red. Blood)
1:26- One of the clocks stop around 12:33. The black hair boy smear is with blood.
    (That was the time the girl was killed. And the first time it happens)
1:53- The boy gets a flashback of the truck accident.
    (He tells her they should go home so she wouldn't get hit by a truck. The girl gets pierced by a pole. Oddly how the pole struck her on the 14, and the truck kills her on the 15)
2:54- All the clocks stops at 12:33 and all but one is covered in blood
    (Meaning the loop is about to end)
3:15- The boy gets killed by the pole and is smiling.
    (He thought of it as payback)
3:16- The black hair boy was watching them play was happy for them
    (Meaning the black hair boy wasn't trying to kill the girl)
3:16- He was shocked when the accident happened [Don't know which accident]
    (He didn't not expect the boy killing himself)
3:31- The Blue tinted girl breaks the same clock that wasn't covered in blood. That clock was covered in blue paint.
    (It's starts over in the girl's perspective.)
3:44- The cat's white.
End- The blue haired girl was smiling.

Anybody know a better theory?
Also maybe throughout this whole time the black haired boy was trying to kill the blue tinted girl, because she was the real cause of the loop.
Found one off of youtube.
When the pole fell, the girl jumps in to make sure she gets killed by the pole, she smiled because she was 'flipping the bird'(Not really. Can't described something better.) to the blue tinted girl. But to the boy he thought he failed to save her. When the signal changed the boy jumps in so the girl wouldn't get run over. You know why he's smiling when he died. But to the girl she thinks she failed to save him.
Interesting fact I noticed.
Kagerou is a homonym for heat haze and mayfly. Adult mayfly have incredibly short lifespans so in some languages they are called one day flies. The time of the accidents happens  around 12:30 pm on August 14 (pole) and 12:30 August 15 (truck). One day.
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JirachiFerret Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Student Artist
One thing to add, the 'Miku' and 'Kaito' figures during the pole scene wouldn't make any sense. The song is about Kagerou Project, not Vocaloid. Although your theory has some sense to it with the supposed theory that it could be Takane (or Ene), who, like every character with twintails, is based off of Miku. Note the tone. people and their everyone is miku theories is getting a little old. Anyway, since Takane (ene) is the only noted character with that specific hairstyle, it must be her, right? No, because she wasn't at the scene during that timeloop, and spoilers here, nor was she in her original body, so it simply couldn't be her. Which sums up to... it's just a random civilian?

Of course, songs like these love to have little mysteries that make it interesting, so I could well be wrong. Again, this is just a theory of mine. Also one thing, the girl in the song (Hiyori) and the boy (Hibiya) from Kagerou days are depicted a little differently in the Kagerou anime, especially Hiyori, so there are many, MANY theories revolving around this song and those characters. Also hey, I like your theory. Nice work.
HanaTsuki8 Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Am I the only one who saw flashing pictures of what looked like Ayano and the boy between 2:59 and 3:02?
kojie2u Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My theory:
The day repeats every time Hiyori dies, Hiyori is as well experiencing the same thing but with Hibiya dying, that is why in the end Hiyori said "ah, guess I failed again." or something like that mattering on the lyrics you looked at. The only way the day can be  stopped is if one person stops caring for the other person and just wants to get out OR to take the hit for the other person. My explanation for the haze heat was to keep encouraging Hibiya to keep having Hiyori die it seems the haze heat was protecting Hibiya. OR the haze heat may be protecting Hibiya, the reason for that is because he doesn't want Hibiya to go back to the world because there, only he would remember of Hiyori's death and Hiyori IS dead in the real world.
okamitsuki Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
In the end, only the boy survives the Groundhog Day loop- the girl stays dead, the boy gains a 'Red eyes ability' after surviving the loop
Apparently people who 'die' on August 15 will gain the Red Eyes...but only if they survive 'dying'
I know it sounds weird...
It's like how in Kisaragi Attention, Momo's got the red eyes after an 'accident' when she was a child.
Kano, Kido and Seto got theirs in a similar way I'm assuming
And it's why Ayano committed suicide (Transparent Answer), she wanted a Red Eye ability of her own so she could protect those she cared about...unfortunately she didn't survive

Also, the PV with the alternate colors of the boy and girl in it is not technicaly Canon to the Kagerou Days storyline
KuroKagamiImeji Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, well, it's a bit much to explain, but, Hibiya and Hiyori are the two character in this PV. Hibiya is the boy, and the two are taking summer classes together and get caught in the medusa Azami's time-loop where she is trying to create a never ending world, and only Hibiya survives this, Hiyori seemingly dies, or is forever trapped in Azami's time loop. You should really check out the Kagerou Project Wiki, if you need more information.
nhoclam106 Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
There is a manga about this. Dunno if it's gonna help, I haven't read it yet. It's Kagerou Deizu
xSkyHigh12 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
This is my theory...
A girl and a boy in love is stuck in a time loop and sees each other die. Every clock is a day. You can see the clock stops on a certain time and when that happens that boy in black spreads blood over the clocks. But she has the same problem. It's just a girl in blue that breaks the clocks.

Then... over to Konoha no Sekai Jijou...
Looks like a guy amed Konoha dreams about them in the loop. He tries to help them but can't reach them before they die. This happens in a very long time... In the end of the video it says: "Even if we can rewrite the future those eyes..." The manga that "Jin" made is a bout a group with strange eyes. And Konoha's eyes is still unknown and I can't say if he's gonna join or not. But "Even if we can rewrite the future those eyes..." means that his eyes has something to do with the future or the flow of time. If his eyes can controll the flow of time. He can be the one that is cousing the time lop between Hibiya and Hiyori without knowing it...
poptartkind Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
uhhhh heres the dealio from what i've pieced together so far??? ok so the kid who is colored black and red is some sort of like version of the MC??? like he looks exactly the same minus color stuff AND it goes hand in hand w/ the blue and white version of the girl. Right before the boy died, his eyes got all wide bc he saw that version of the girl and was like "WELL DANG THIS CYCLE IS GONNA KEEP CONTINUING" bc the girl has her own version of the loop where she had to keep him from dying. IM NOT SURE WHY HE WAS CRYING THAT IS THE ONE THING I AM STILL WONDERING ABOUT. IT MAKES ME REALLY SAD BUT LIKE DUDE WHAT
wubwubwolf Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
Heres my theory!:
It's like ground hog day
Wubwub out!
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